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ESTECO UM17 | One month to go! Speakers lined up and preliminary agenda announced

25 September 2017

A month till the start of the ESTECO UM17 and the speaker lineup is getting more and more interesting with the addition Ford's Mario J. Felice and Ansley Barnard from Hi-Seas Project - just back from "Mars"!

On Tuesday, 24 October at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit, Mario J. FeliceManager of Global Powertrain NVH & Systems CAE at Ford Motor Company, will demonstrate how the Detroit automotive giant is using composite optimization to improve NVH performance, with his presentation titled Microstructure Optimization for NVH Improvement - Application to Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic (SFRP) Engine Mount Bracket.

Emerging from the Mars analogue mission after 8 months of isolation, Ansley Barnard (picture) is sure to be a very special speaker at UM17. Last January Ansley, former Ford engineer, embarked on Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS). The NASA-funded research project was aimed at determining the individual and team requirements for long-term space exploration missions.

ESTECO UM17 gives attendees the opportunity to learn what life is like on the Red Planet and learn how modeFRONTIER contributed to the development of resource-effective system models for humans on Mars. Don't miss out!

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