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UM17 | The Conference Venue

The North America ESTECO Users' Meeting will be held at the Ford Piquette Plant in Detroit.

The birthplace of Model T in 1908 is the symbol of Detroit’s ability to invent, innovate, and rebound. Here you can still feel the history of an engineering revolution and this make it the perfect venue to discuss how ESTECO leading-edge  technology helps companies products of the future.

How to Reach the Ford Piquette Plant 

The Ford Piquette Plant is located just a few short blocks off I-94 and I-75, close to Midtown and New Center.

Ford Piquette Avenue Plant
461 Piquette Avenue | Detroit, MI 48202

The venue is on the northwest corner of Piquette (PICK-ette) and Beaubien (BO-bee-yen), three blocks east of Woodward Avenue, two blocks north of I-94, two blocks south of East Grand Boulevard, and three blocks west of I-75.

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