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6 November 2017

Two weeks ago, over 120 ESTECO technology enthusiasts gathered at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit, MI, for the 5th edition of the ESTECO North America Users' Meeting. The birthplace of the Ford Model T proved the perfect venue for a record-breaking edition that counted over 150 registrations, 12 high-profile speakers, 2 sold-out training courses and 5 exhibitors.  


May 23rd-24th, 2018​​ | ESTECO International Users' Meeting (Trieste, Italy)

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The Past and future of engineering were at the core of the kick-off speech given by Carlo Poloni, President of ESTECO. Inspired by the revolution that defined the Model T, the presentation highlighted how ESTECO technology has evolved over the years to empower forward-thinking organizations to turn ideas into reality. Staying one step ahead of the competition, ESTECO is now branching out into data management and standardization, providing customers with innovative solutions that keep pace with the changing landscape of product development.  

A very special speaker on the UM17 stage, Ansley Barnard - a young engineer who recently returned  from eight months of isolation on an Earth-based Mars analog mission - shared her experience of the Hi-SEAS mission and the results of her resource prioritization study.

Arconic's Sergio Butkewitsch Choze​ focused on the benefits of knowledge management, data aggregation, and data driven optimization in advanced manufacturing. His keynote speech outlined ambitious product development scenarios that can be achieved through the integration of complementary functions across the lifecycle of products and systems.Eric DeHoff described the present design scenario at Honda R&D Americas and discussed how the most advanced optimization tools are crucial to accomplish the shift from "brute force" optimization to robust numerical MDO​.

Greg Garstecki from Whirlpool Corporation shared techniques and practices that highlight the link between the SysML parametrics and modeFRONTIER performance models. Focusing on the shift from a test-centric to an analysis-centric culture, Bob Tickel and Kevin Brittain described how the deployment of optimization tools and methods across the enterprise was a key enabler for Cummins in building and nurturing an nalysis centric culture.

Mario J. Felice, Manager of Global Powertrain NVH & Systems CAE at Ford Motor Company, depicted a new era of sustainability and mobility in the automotive field, highlighting how technology is crucial in achieving this transformation. Last but not least, Michael Bambula, a Master's candidate at the University of Florida and the winner of the ESTECO Academy Design Competition 2016/2017, presented his winning design and was awarded the 1st prize plaque.

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